Ideas to successfully Increase Wi-Fi Signal for a Better Internet Connection

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Update the Router Firmware

Try to check the router firmware system first. Sometimes, the low Wi-Fi signal is because of a too old system and the manufacturer has the latest update. One of the solutions is updating the router firmware system to the newer one. By updating the system, the Wi-Fi router will have better performance, speed, and stronger signal.

Use a Wi-Fi Signal Extender

Another possibility to increase Wi-Fi signal is by using a wifi signal extender. The benefit of using this tool is to boost the signal so it is able to cover a larger area. Commonly, it is used to get a better internet connection in a large area because the Wi-Fi router is built with a specific range signal distance. The farther the gadget signal to the Wi-Fi signal, the signal will be weaker.

Buy a Wi-Fi Extender Based on the Need

In the case of increasing Wi-Fi signal with a wifi router extender, it is important to buy the extender based on the need. The key is using a router extender with the signal range needed. For example, if you have an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi router, it means you have to buy a Wi-Fi extender higher than the router. This is the way to pick the best wifi repeater to get a maximal internet connection.     

Set the Priority of the Internet Signal

Analyze the use of internet connection first. This analysis is a good start to define the internet connection priority. Let say, you often watch video streaming so it means you have to set the internet connection signal for such activity. You may reduce the signal for call or video or download activities. This is the reason why Wi-Fi router is supported by a Quality of Service or QoS tool. This tool helps to define the priority of the internet signal for a better internet connection.

Use the Latest Wi-Fi Hardware and Extender

Besides updating the system, it is also necessary to use the latest Wi-Fi hardware. The latest Wi-Fi hardware is designed with the compatible system and features. The latest system and features have a relationship with the system of the other gadgets. Most of the latest Wi-Fi routers are compatible with some of the latest gadgets or at least a couple of years before. For example, there is a PC which is not supported by an integrated adapter. In this case, you have to choose a wireless wifi extender to get a stronger internet signal. The key is finding out the detail of the Wi-Fi extender and the gadgets you have and then match them so you can get internet signal just like what you are expected.

In conclusion, solving internet signal problem from Wi-Fi router is easy to do. You just need to know the problem and find the best solution. Using wifi extender with Ethernet is also a great solution to get stronger internet signal from the Wi-Fi router.

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